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Damien C. Tanner

Damien C. Tanner #

Previously I co-founded MediaCore (ed-tech, sold to Workday inc), Pusher (realtime messaging, sold to MessageBird), thoughtbot (my agency merged with them), Rebase Ventures (developer tools & SaaS holding company) and a few other things.

My Companies # - The GenAI Cloud.

Rebase Ventures - My personal holding company for SaaS products and various investments. Home to UseCSV (CSV import API) and UseScraper (web scraping API).

Pusher (Co-Founder. Acquired by MessageBird in 2020) - Realtime messaging platform.

MediaCore (Co-Founder. Acquired by Workday in 2015) - Video platform for education.

New Bamboo (Co-Founder. Acquired by thoughtbot in 2015) - Digital agency.

Panda (Co-Founder. Acquired by Xenon in 2013) - Cloud video processing.

Investing #

Some select private investments I’ve made:

MCJ Collective - early LP in the MCJ climate focused seed fund.

Entocycle - Insect farming for fish & animal feed.

Mytos - Lab automation.

Strateos - A robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences.